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Because the Best Patients Are Informed Patients…

At Central Florida Internal Medicine, we believe in keeping our patients informed about the latest news affecting our practice and your medical treatment. See below for our latest updates.

Dr Aydur on keeping healthy

In this medical minute, Dr. Aydur talks about maintaining your body by doing routine checkups and health screenings.

6 Ways to Stay Healthy in 2016

We get it. You’re an on-the-go professional with a family to care for, and there’s precious little (if any) time in your busy schedule for you to focus on keeping yourself healthy. But with the beginning of a new year comes a great opportunity to shift your way of thinking just a bit – and understand that it’s precisely BECAUSE you are so darn busy that you don’t have time to be sick. Sound like common sense?

The End of the Year Is Near – Do You Know Your Numbers?

There’s a chill in the air, colorful lights adorn storefronts and homes, and Christmas tree stands are popping up all across town.